I went to branford hall in 2010.I busted my butt.

I had a 3.5-4.0 GPA the whole time and had not missed anytime. i got a perfect review on my internship. I took the extra step and took my CMA exam and Passed it... i still 4 years later am looking for work and have not found it yet because of my lack of experience and i am constantly told how the teachers at that school push people through the program.

i was not push through i worked my butt off.. also they tell you that you can work as a CNA or a teach in a pharmacy and it is complete bull ***... noone will take it... so sick of it...

wasted my money i have loans to pay..do not go to this school

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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Which location was this?? Im supposed to start minday so im trying to find out the location of as many locations as possible


It's the same in my case, I busted my butt got through my 9 month course with a 4.0, finished my externship, passed my RMA, and still til this day cannot find employment. I strongly suggest that no one attends this school

Brooklyn, New York, United States #898723

I agree because I went in 2013 gave me hard times with my high school diploma unfortunately I decided to leave I recommend u that there are better opportunities outthere plus go to eeoc is a program in long island city and they help u ,plus ur not only one complaining many people are complaining about same thing.

New York, New York, United States #857547

Oh Man! I'm sure One of their PR people will probably call you lazy or a lair if they see this review.

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